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Octanium® Unleaded octane booster is formulated to provide an octane boost – up to 7 numbers (70 points), increasing horsepower. It is safe for use in cars and trucks with both catalytic converters and 02 sensors. Octanium Unleaded eliminates knocking and pinging, cleans fuel injectors, eliminates gum and varnish build up, and improves throttle response and acceleration. 32oz treats up to 10 gallons. (38 liters)

  • Safe with Catalytic Converters
  • Safe with 02 Sensors
  • Eliminates knocking & Pinging
  • Lead substitute
  • Cleans Fuel injectors
  • Improves throttle response and acceleration
  • Eliminates Gum and varnish build up
  • Increases Horsepower
  • Increases Octane up to 70 points


Weight2 lbs
Dimensions9.19 × 3.38 × 3.38 in

VP Octanium Unleaded

SKU: 29507
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